The Morning Work Ride

This weeks’ blog is written by guest author Tim Schall, Moab Cyclery’s/Escape Adventures mountain bike day tour and multi-day guide.  Enjoy a day in the life of Tim..

As the world is waking up, the day tour mountain bike guide probably wakes up the same way.  A good breakfast with coffee. Often lots of coffee. Although I recommend not having too much coffee, as it can often be beneficial to not be overly awake when starting your

After a sometimes chilly morning ride to the shop you start getting bikes and the van ready. Water jugs on the van need to be checked, plenty of gas and the van should look nice and be clean. Bikes need to be prepped with pedals and water bottles. Sometimes lunches need to be packed in a cooler or on your back. In the event your bike needs servicing, now is the time to do it.

And then……..they arrive.

Your guests for the day. You watch them in a somewhat stealthy stance,  Sizing them up so to speak.  This is where you start to think of where you are going to take them to ride. After they take care of the initial monetary obligation and sign their “risk assumption waiver” you meet them.  Smiles, name exchange, hand shakes, and trust building begins.
The first thing I do is explain components and workings of the bicycle and the proper fitting of a bicycle helmet. After a quick parking lot test ride we load the bikes on the van and are off to the trails.

On the way to the trail we learn where everyone is from, where they ride, how much they ride. This is the time when you decide where you are going to take them to ride. You do not want it to be so hard that they will never ride a bike again but you also want them to be challenged and to have fun.IMG_1796 We will usually start easy and work our way up to more intermediate trails. We will see the Marching Men and the Windows
of Arches National Park from probably 15 miles away.  Sometimes will have the opportunity to walk out on Mussel Man Arch and ride down The Shafer Trail in Canyonlands National Park. The eye candy is some of the best in the world hands down.  Through the day as a tour guest you have to remember that you are riding in the mountain bike capital of the world. The trails here are fun and challenging with plenty of room to learn.iStock_000010300916XSmall As a guide I am always happy to give riding advice. It is a great feeling to ride with someone when it clicks and becomes a better rider throughout day. It’s sometimes hard to get them back to the van at the end of the tour as they often don’t want to stop riding.

Life long friendships are sometimes built and I am always interested to hear where and how much former guests are riding.

Michelle jumps for joy at the dinosaur tracks, Klondike Bluffs

Michelle jumps for joy at the dinosaur tracks, Klondike Bluffs

Then the sad time comes when we load the van again and head back to the bike shop.
Upon arrival at the bike shop  heartfelt goodbyes and wishes of “good luck” and “safe travels” are sincerely exchanged.

The morning ride is over.

Then, clean and tune the bikes. Wash and gas the van. Then get tomorrows bikes ready for the tour.

After all this is done……It’s time to take another bike ride!!!



To go for a ride with Tim or any of our other day tour guides call 435.259.7423 or click for more Moab day tour information! Mention this blog for a free gift!

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